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General information

Guangdong Polytechnic , approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, is a full-time vocational institute under the supervision of provincial department of education. It is situated in Foshan city with two campuses located in Chancheng district and Gaoming district. It hosts a floor area of 1,127 acres in total and a constructed area of 23,000. Its fixed assets are worth 650 million RMB and its library holds a collection of over 600,000 items. Besides, there are 188 training bases in and outside of the campus. The teaching research departments are eight schools and three sections, offering over 60 specialties for over 13,000 students -- Textile Department, Light Chemistry Engineering Department, Fashion Department , Department of Art Design, Department of Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Department of Information Technology, Department of Economics & Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Basic Courses Section, Continuing Education Section and Ideological and Theoretical Course Section.

Guangdong Polytechnic has focused on promoting a school-running mode featuring “four-party interactions among the Governments, colleges and universities, industries and enterprises - boosting production, learning, research, and application in an all-round way" and has been committed to cultivating compound and innovative talents with high quality and skills especially self-employment ability, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit on the job. After named Guangdong Polytechnic in 2012, It has taken textile and fashion specialties as its protruding feature and is striving to be the first-class polytechnic inChina.

The polytechnic possesses a highly-capable faculty, an abundant network source of both full-time and part-time talented and high moral integrity experts. Of all the teachers, 147 are professors and associate professors, accounting for 38%; 278 are with postgraduate degrees or higher diplomas, accounting for 78%; more than 260 part-time teachers are from entrepreneurs.

Guangdong Polytechnic attaches great importance to teaching research and course construction. It has made distinctive achievements and won honorary titles at national、provincial and municipal levels ,such as 1 national model worker in textile industry,1 national outstanding teacher, 12 national advanced educators in textile vocational education,1 provincial master in teaching ,6 south Guangdong outstanding teachers,3 out of 100 potential key researchers in Guangdong Province, 2 first prizes for national level teaching achievements and 7 second prizes for national level teaching achievements. the institute boasts 9 National and Provincial-level Model Specialties,11 national and provincial excellent quality courses,9 national and provincial vocational training bases,5 Second Prize in the provincial teaching Competition.

Guangdong Polytechnic fosters and supports specialty and skill-oriented campus culture. In the past five years, students have successively won honorary titles in competition--234 prizes at national level and 362 prizes at provincial level. The volunteer Association project 'Benevolence school' was awarded 'the 7th voluntary service project inChina' by the Communist Youth League of China.  The emphasis on the fine arts, creativity and innovation makes it certain that our students will continue to make strides in various creative and artistic endeavors in the future.